Calgary Will be New Digital Asset Trust’s Canadian Headquarters

Calgary Will be New Digital Asset Trust’s Canadian Headquarters

An independent new digital asset company's trust has received approval for its incorporation to set up its Canadian headquarters in Calgary. Brane Trust Company Ltd. is looking for office space. Along with that undergoing a hiring spree for 100 staff members.

New Digital Asset Trust Company's Canadian Headquarters in Calgary

Talking about the Bane, it's not a new cryptocurrency mining hive and does not trade in cryptocurrency, and it's an asset holding or custodian. The company will provide safe and highly secure storage for cryptocurrency. So, users can better access cryptocurrency through their banks or for investment purposes.

Custodians have played a significant role in banks and other financial and investment institutions storing traditional currency and assets for generations.

Well, different assets have different backend custodians; this is to ensure transparency and security in the asset. It would be not wrong to say, Crypto is the current asset class to establish itself.

Brane Trust Company 

These custodian companies are not very popular among users but, they are big names. We can take the example of Brane Trust Company Ltd! Brane Inc. was founded in 2017 and currently employs approximately 25 people across Canada. Brane Trust Company has received its letters patent for incorporation, which is a significant step toward the new firm becoming a custodian. Due to its cold storage component requirements, they are considering various possibilities for their headquarters, ranging from downtown office space to less traditional options.

Carbonzero recognized the company as operationally carbon neutral earlier this year. Calgary startup Tetra Trust has paved the way for Brane Trust, and it is following in the footsteps of Tetra Trust.

Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation Doug Schweitzer 

Minister of Jobs, Economic, and Innovation Doug Schweitzer believes these companies will play a vital role in Alberta's economic growth & recovery. 

The Minister said Brane Capital demonstrates further momentum and the diversification of Alberta's economy and the development of our technology center as the technology hub for Canada. He wishes for Alberta to become a significant player in the cryptocurrency market. He also highlighted the province's regulatory efficiencies and lack of red tape in making itself attractive to these businesses.