EverGrow Coin Forecast: Why 182% Potential Isn't Worth It

EverGrow Coin Forecast: Why 182% Potential Isn't Worth It

As the cryptocurrency world grows, so does the variety of coins you can buy.

Some coins, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, have made people rich in the last year. Bitcoin is up 470% in the last 12 months, for example.

Now, everyone is looking for the next coin that will produce gains like that. Many think the EverGrow Coin (EGC) might be next, for instance.

But you might want to see this EverGrow Coin forecast before you start buying...

Hoping for a big future return could easily blind us to what really matters with cryptocurrencies: how they are designed and what real value they contribute to the world.

When people don't pay attention to these items, they blindly invest in the first coin they see. The trouble with that is that new coins are constantly being added to the market. Thousands have been minted so far, and counting - because it's just not that difficult to do.

This kind of competition is generally good for any market, but the number of uneducated investors in cryptocurrency has left the door open for some developers to create coins with sketchy backgrounds.

These "sketchy" coins only carry value because people have invested in them, not because they are genuinely stable investments.

That can be said for EverGrow Coin. While it's breaking previous crypto growth records, the coin's sketchy background might make you want to err on the side of caution.