Unique 3D NFT Drop Generated by AI is Expected on Metadrop Metaverse

Unique 3D NFT Drop Generated by AI is Expected on Metadrop Metaverse

AEXLAB strives to bring VR and NFT communities together and offers a new level of interactivity for the NFT world. VAILIENS will be full-fledged players’ pets within VAIL VR. They will respond to touch and commands, and later down the line, they will be able to assist players in combat, participate in races and participate in other in-game activities.

Moreover, VAILIENS will provide other advantages - they will grant access to VAIL VR Alpha and Beta testing and to VAIL VR Social Club - a community of dedicated players in close contact with the developers and able to influence the game development. And, of course, VAILIENS will be freely tradeable on the secondary market.

The number of VAILIENS is quite limited: only 13,370 NFTs will ever be minted:

  • 1,070- reserved for community activities, such as contests or lotteries
  • 1500 - reserved for early investors
  • 10,800 - available for minting via auctions on the Metaqdrop platform.

AEXLAB partnered with Metadrop to implement an innovative NFT drop, closely tied to VAIL VR Early Access on Steam.

The schedule is as follows:

  • November 15th, users can sign up on Metadrop.com
  • Join at discord.gg/vailvr
  • Players with a VR headset can request access to the game on steam by searching VAIL VR
  • The auction goes live on November 30th on metadrop.com
  • Follow @aexlabinc on Twitter for daily updates and giveaways

VAIL CITADEL Social Club Members Cards

Total Supply: 169 Members Cards

69 to be given to thought leaders

100 to be sold on December 3rd, 2021 

About the company

AEXLAB is a virtual reality technology studio that developed VR solutions for Red Bull, the American Institute of Architects, Epic Games, and other companies. AEXLAB is also developing VAIL VR - a competitive first-person VR-shooter focused on tactical teamwork and social gaming.