Watch Out for Solana, the New Coin to Shake Up the Crypto Markets

The Solana platform was developed in 2017 by a former Dropbox software engineer, Anatoly Yakovenko. The platform is designed to provide scalable decentralized marketplaces and apps.

Watch Out for Solana, the New Coin to Shake Up the Crypto Markets

The Solana blockchain network is centered around the proof-of-stake protocol in combination with a proof-of-history algorithm, in contrast to Bitcoin, which uses a proof-of-work protocol. The technology of Solana is built around speed, efficiency, and security, and the system can support 65000 tps (transactions per second) and a 400 ms latency.

In addition, the innovation behind Solana allows merchants to receive instant payouts, taking away the agony of waiting days for funds to show in their bank accounts. Due to the fast processing of the Solana network, it consumes less energy compared to Bitcoin and results in fewer transaction fees.

How is the SOL token performing?

The Solana network launched the token SOL in 2020, and it currently ranks in the top 15 coins on the crypto charts. The SOL coin currently has a market cap of $7.8 Billion; and reached a record high of $56 in May 2021. Like all other crypto coins, it took a dip and is now trading at around $28 per coin.

The network is also expanding into the gaming industry, and is planning to launch Star Atlas, a gaming metaverse allowing you to create, play, and learn with gamers globally.

The big push behind the coin’s rise is expanding its ecosystem and innovative network; the coin has also outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum on more than one occasion this year.


How to benefit from Solana

You can buy the Solana coin from multiple online brokers, but careful consideration should be taken when deciding who to join.

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To ease the withdrawal process, they have a clear policy outlining the requirements for safe and secure withdrawal of funds. Payment methods include crypto wallets, credit cards, and wire transfers.

The minimum requirement for withdrawal via credit card is 100 USD/GBP/EUR and 250 USD/GBP/EUR via wire transfer. In addition, withdrawals are processed only to the original method used for funding. This is to ensure funds are paid to the legal owner.

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The Solana network is becoming very popular, especially with investors’ eyes on more sustainable investments.

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