Formula1 for poor, or where to spend the extra 50 thousand dollars

  • 16 Aug, 2022
    | Mikhail

prodrive.comBritish advanced motorsport engineering group Prodrive, which works with Aston Martin and helps in the design of Formula 1 cars, presented a new “toy” for fans of computer car simulators.

Prodrive Racing Simulator is an insanely stylish and equally insanely expensive station for real gamers who want to feel like driving a real car.

The price is 50 thousand dollars. Let’s figure out what you pay that kind of money for.

The design of the simulator itself is made of premium materials in a futuristic design. 16 layers of black lacquered birch, carbon fiber and leather, wood and Alcantara interior trim, Cobra Nogaro Street racing seat, as in expensive BMW models.

Inside is a 49-inch curved AOC Dual-QHD monitor with a maximum resolution of 5K and a refresh rate of 165Hz. Steering wheel Precision Sim Engineering LM Pro, vaguely reminiscent of a real F-1 car steering wheel.
Characteristics of the computer unit that comes with the station: the latest generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX video card with 12 GB of video memory and 16 GB of RAM. Thats all!)

The manufacturer does not give more characteristics, but it hints very opaquely that you will not be able to play anything other than racing on this “house bolide”.

Maybe the Bowers & Wilkins PX7 premium headphones that come with the station will push you to buy.
Is this thing worth the money – decide for yourself. But, in which case, you can already pre-order it on their official website.

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