Xiaomi’s new humanoid robot can recognize emotions and give flowers

  • 15 Aug, 2022
    | Vitaliy

Xiaomi Unveils CyberOne — Humanoid Robot Exploring Frontiers of Connected Living.

This humanoid robot is 177 cm tall, weighs 52 kg and moves at an average speed of 3.6 km/h. At the same time it can coordinate the movements of 21 joints. Instead of a face, the robot has a curved OLED panel, and it uses two microphones to listen.

CyberOne, according to Xiaomi, combines sophisticated mechatronics and artificial intelligence created by specialized Robot Labs. The head of the company claims that significant resources and manpower were used to create CyberOne.

So what can such a robot do and what is it for? The CyberOne recognizes 45 human emotions, understands speech, answers questions, supports conversation and carries small objects. For example, at the presentation it brought a flower to the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun, after which they took selfies together.

Thus, CyberOne can become a home assistant, running various errands. However, this is a first-generation product, and most aspects of it are still under development. It still has a long way to go before Boston Dynamics robots.

Xiaomi CyberOne costs from $89,100 to $104,000, but there is no talk about entering the commercial market and sales.

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